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What is it?

According to Wikipedia, a test is "a qualitative or quantitative procedure that consists of determination of one or more characteristics of a given product, process or service according to a specified procedure, often as part of an experiment." Here, it will prove a successful (or not) two-way communication between you and this service! This implies the service, the two communication devices and up to three primary carriers!

Why is it needed?

To prove it works, to measure the current delays (request to answer) to avoid the wait periods preceeding calls to support, etc!

How to use?

Just as easy as sending the word TEST to any of these access numbers. This is totally free and you will shortly receive an automated answer!


If you fail to receive the answer, use the WHITELIST to fix this! Please bewarned that ported numbers are problematic and BLACKLIST may also be one of the reasons for an eventual failure!


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